CM Therapy


I worked with Chula for six months, week in week out. Came in with one problem/issue, and over the course of therapy suffered a profoundly traumatic life event - death of my father - which superseded the work we did together. I found Chula to be insightful, empathetic and really very caring. Clearly he’s a therapist with a calling for the profession, rather than one out for financial gain. I enjoyed my time working with him. We faced tough issues, together, with a lightness of touch and even the occasional laugh. Yes, laugh! To paraphrase Billy Connolly “Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on”. So it is with me and therapists. I relate better to therapists who aren't afraid to show their humanity.

Whilst I enjoyed the sessions, they were rigorous, but I felt safe enough to face many things that made me feel very uncomfortable. I really hope the work we did together stays with me, and have every faith that the most important things will. Chula has encouraged me to better trust, or start to trust, my instincts, which is worth the admission price alone. All in all, a very valuable experience, at a time in my life of extreme upheaval. Ultimately therapy is extremely personal - I recommend Chula very highly.


I first came to Chula with a number of issues that were having a significant affect on my mental wellbeing. From the very outset, Chula's reassuring manner made me feel comfortable and able to discuss my most private fears, thoughts and concerns. Working with Chula gave me valuable awareness of my own thought process and personality, and empowered me to take steps to address my problems. I now have a much more positive outlook on life and I am forever grateful to Chula for his assistance in getting me there. Besides being an excellent therapist, he is clearly a warm, kind and compassionate person too and I'm very glad to have met him.


Chula is enthusiastic and very committed, it is clear that he loves his work, be it his employment as Recovery Groupwork Programme Manager or as Counsellor & Psychotherapist. He shows passion, willingness to learn, a view of his work as service to the world, a perception that includes spirituality, and an ability to give people hope and perspective.

He is obviously well-suited to his management position and to his role as a Therapist.

Urs MattmannBACP accred. Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor

I am really grateful for everything WDP and especially Chula did for me, they saved my life. I am living the dream, clean and sober, and Chula helped me a great deal. Without his hard work, determination and encouragement, I would not be here, I would probably be dead, and I hope and pray that he continues to help a lot of people who are struggling, as I was. By the grace of god may he continue with his hard work and determination of helping others. I am very much obliged to you for your kindness and words of wisdom, that I will never forget. Keep up the good work & god bless. Thanks.


When I first met Chula many years ago, I felt at ease with him, I found him to be a very careful listener and I could talk about things that I could not share anywhere else. When I started my journey of recovery Chula helped me in all aspects, with so many techniques, and looking back to reflect upon my own memories of him; as 1:1 Counsellor, in Meditation Classes, learning Tai Chi, going on Client Outings, and a whole host of other things; even visiting me whilst I was suffering from a psychotic episode, Chula has given his absolute everything and climbed that ladder naturally. He is a wonderful guy, and I'm no easy guy to work with, he helped me in so many ways and I'm really blessed to have been on his career path. My life was turned around by him and his caring team of loving individuals, without all of them I would not be writing this, or even capable of this today, and my life is fantastic now, many thanks to Chula.


Chula is an influential leader, his style is one of a shared vision and transparency that does not undermine the process of meeting what is expected of the team, he is clear, directive, supportive and stands by his decisions, and above all, he is consistent, showing sound judgement, commitment and focus.

Chula is able to manage effectively by encouraging and supporting the team’s needs individually and as a group, he actively promotes and works with the dynamics of the team to ensure that the intensity of the day-to-day activities are explored amongst the team and critiqued in an open and honest way, this therefore has a positive impact on how the team model themselves and take responsibility for all aspects of their performance and abilities to function well.

Chula has represented our organisation in a number of settings, he has delivered training both internally and externally, and communicates well with partner agencies as well as our commissioners and service users. He articulates himself well and is responsive, able to listen and reflect. He participates well in all meetings, and where necessary will challenge negative behaviour in order to get his point heard, without compromising his integrity, or professional boundaries.

A focus of the work undertaken within the Structured Day Programme is to promote diversity and challenge inequalities - this is promoted within all aspects of the treatment programme and how the group functions, from the food prepared to how we work with women in the groups. This commitment is driven amongst the diversity of his team and how this is therefore balanced in the day-to-day operation of the group. Chula is open to learning and sharing learning, in order to understand and support difference.

Chula has faced a number of challenges over the last few months where change has been inevitable, he has supported these changes and been involved with all aspects of the reconfiguration and implementation. This support, and his involvement, have been paramount in him taking forward and leading these changes, further proving that he is able to be measured in his approach, take direction where necessary, and follow a process that has allowed the team to feel inclusion where appropriate.

Andrulla GarciaNWDAS Service Manager